10.-13. September 2019

Rural History 2019

4th conference of the European Rural History Organisation (EURHO)

Veranstalter: European Rural History Organisation

Ort: Paris

Call for Panels: bis 15.10.2018

See conference website: http://ruralhistory2019.ehess.fr.

10.-13. September 2019

"Roaming the Rural. Shepherds and Pastoralists as Cross-Cultural Agentsin the Mediterranean Basin (15th-16th centuries)"

Veranstalter: Fabian Kümmeler, Institute of East European History, University of Vienna; Dana-Silvia Caciur, Nicolae Iorga Institute of History, Bukarest

Ort: Paris

Mehr Infos: Hsozkult

9. Oktober 2019

Exploring the Connected Histories of Meteorology, Agriculture and the Environment

Organisator: DFG-Project "Environmental Factors in Agriculture: Observation and Experiment in Agricultural Meteorology (ca 1900-1950)"

Ort: Berlin, TU Berlin


Despite the relevance that agricultural meteorology and agricultural ecology have had for the past century and the increasing concerns for the sustainability of agriculture, there is little historical scholarship available on the topic. The role of agricultural meteorologists and agricultural ecologists, their institutions and agendas, their tools and practices, and their interaction with farming communities and policy makers have been largely neglected.

The workshop will address these issues by collecting case studies on the science and practice of agricultural meteorology and agricultural ecology during the twentieth century, with a preference for the first half of the century. These case studies will offer the opportunity to explore the interconnections between the histories of meteorology, agriculture and the environment, and to discuss how historiography can develop to better examine these interconnections.


CFP: hsozkult